Building a Product Roadmap & Why Customer Success Input Is Valuable

June 24, 2021

How valuable is Customer Success’s input in creating a solid product roadmap?! In the past, companies relied solely on the product management team to build and drive roadmaps. The product team was in charge of […]

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Customer Success Value management score

How to Prove Value to Customers

Video Title: How to Prove Value to Customers Host: Irit Eizips, Chief Customer Officer & CEO | CSM Practice Guest: Chris Singh, SVP Customer Success Management, Customer Engagement & Experience at SAP The Interview:  01:32 – […]


Proactive Customer Expansion Strategies

Every business needs to grow. However, business growth cannot be achieved by simply implementing upsell and cross-sell strategies. Ergo, imposing proactive customer expansion strategies can be beneficial not just for the customers, but ultimately for […]

renewal optimization

How to Optimize your Renewal Process

In this Chat and Learn series, we invited Taylor Johnston, Director for Customer Success at Salesloft, a sales engagement platform that helps sales organizations deliver better sales experience for their customers. With the continuous growth […]