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Presenting to Your Board of Directors?!

Prove the Value of your Customer Success team at your next board meeting with this blueprint!

This completely INVALUABLE download is composed of a detailed PowerPoint template,
cultivated by real experienced executives in the field of Customer Success.

Here's what this download will help you with...

Which metrics you need to be focusing on How to visually present it to the board A way to correlate your findings to the board

Let’s be honest… calculating and demonstrating the true value of Customer Success isn’t easy. There’s so much you can look at… from churn to upsells, from referrals to reference-ability. Let’s face it, all too often, you end up with a lot of USEFUL information, but you might get stuck on how to add it all up or present it to others.

Take your Board of Directors for example; they want specific Customer Success trends delivered to them in a condensed, efficient way… How do you do that?! Jeffrey Piper founder and Chief Customer Officer of SpringCM recommends presenting namely with the three R’s: Referrals, Reference-ability and Retention!

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How should I present CUSTOMER SUCCESS
to the BOARD of Directors?

Referrals, Reference-ability, and Retention are the three aspects you NEED to focus on
when presenting to the Board of Directors. So if you haven’t yet been presenting
reference-ability or level of referrals as a result of customer success,

we’re definitely going to show you how!

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Blow your Board of
Directors away with
these Customer
Success slides!
Demonstrate the value of Customer Success
on your next board meeting with this
Ready take your Board Presentation to the next level?!

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