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Accent technologies is a cloud-based sales enablement company helping organizations sharpen their sales execution. The company helps pre-sale teams increase win rates by enabling content and resource management and delivery.

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“The workshop created a synergy and high level of commitment from all departments around value and expansion.”

John Fakatselis, COO

Customer Maturity Scoring Model | Liz Mcchrystal, Ph.D | Accent Technologies

CSM Practice Customer Success Executives Roundtable Session 9 featured Liz McChrystal, Ph.D., VP Revenue Enablement at Accent Technologies. Liz shared how they created their Customer Maturity Scoring Model now increasing revenues and upsells:

  • How they approached developing a maturity scoring model
  • What goals it was aimed to accomplish
  • What was the impact of sharing it with their clients during executive business reviews?


With an ad-hoc and siloed approach to expansion selling and value delivery, the Accent Techonologies customer success team fell short in creating opportunities for growth on a consistent basis.

The company lacked a proactive, end-to-end expansion selling and value maximization strategy that would empower their teams, pre- and post-sale, to attain their annual revenue goals.


CSM Practice conducted an Expansion Selling Workshop with Accent Technologies, inviting all department leaders, including the C-suite, marketing, sales, and customer success to rethink their approach.

The workshop resulted in a clear path for maximizing client value and a proactive approach to expansion and adoption.

During the workshop, Accent Technologies and CSM Practice built structured and repeatable playbooks to operationalize their newly developed approach.


With this expansion selling strategy in place, Accent Technologies expects upsells and cross-sell transactions to grow 100% and account for 50% of the company’s revenue.

By bringing sales, marketing and customer success departments together around a common goal, the workshop drove organizational alignment to improve the experience of customers, and increase expansion opportunities.

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