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HERE Technologies is a private company serving multiple industries from automotive to Supply Chain. With 35 years of experience in mapmaking and 8,000 employees across 56 countries, HERE provides the most accurate digital representation of the world. A pioneer of location technology, the company’s data is collected from over 100,000 sources and has over 100+ billion API calls per month. The company created a global ecosystem of customers, partners, and developers, including some of the world’s largest and most well-known brands.

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“We are the world’s leading provider of location data and digital maps. As we retain our  #1 location data and technology platform standing, we are focused on leveraging Customer Success as the way we do business, deliver value to our customers and be a growth engine for HERE. CSM Practice provided us with a clear custom-tailored blueprint that helped us infuse innovative Customer Success strategies and accelerate the delivery of business value to our customers while providing a superior customer experience.”

Sanjeet Kaur Bali,  VP – Global & Technical Support & Customer Success at HERE Technologies

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The Customer Success team at HERE Technologies consists of highly experienced professionals who are assigned to large customers. They partner with their customers to accelerate the completion of innovative initiatives by leveraging location data, products, services, tooling, and extensive platform capabilities.


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As HERE continues to grow as a location data and technology company, diversifying its portfolio in various industries, it has become important for the organization to operate as a true platform company. To meet their end customer goals, HERE realized the need to switch from support mindset to success mindset and focus on onboarding, adoption, and end-to-end value realization and retention. As a progressive organization, HERE wants to leverage Customer Success as THE way to deliver value to customers, grow and retain business. HERE reached out to CSM Practice to leverage the best practices to build the Customer Success framework, methodologies, processes, and execution path to accomplish their customer success goals.

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CSM Practice began the work with HERE Technologies by interviewing over 25 global executives and key stakeholders, based on which an in-depth Customer Success Maturity Assessment was completed. The assessment included a clear roadmap and a Customer Success blueprint that was custom-tailored to HERE’s unique business model and go-to-market strategy. The blueprint included the appropriate Customer Success organizational structure, processes, and required systems. Our firm highlighted opportunities to align HERE’s existing Customer Success practice with industry best practices.  Our strategic recommendations provided the team with the opportunity to rebrand their Customer Success charter and improve the manner in which they collaborate internally with cross-functional teams. 

CSM Practice then worked with HERE Technologies’ leadership team on defining their Customer Success journey map, as well as a set of playbooks and standard operating procedures (SOP) related to Customer Onboarding, Product Adoption, Risk Mitigation, and Value Realization. 

Through our expert guidance, the Customer Success team has accelerated the development of detailed playbooks in a manner that is aligned with best practices.


HERE Technologies gained a fresh perspective on Customer Success and established a roadmap for developing a scalable practice. 

Their team has a clear framework to work proactively towards product consumption and to build out value-based relationships with their customers.

Implementing CSM Practice’s recommendations introduced a path for a more customer-centric approach, designed to increase product adoption, prove value to customers, and accelerate revenue growth. 

Finally, the documentation of the CSM playbooks has paved the way for faster implementation of their Customer Success Software.

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Customer Success Strategy

Develop a customer success framework in alignment with your company’s go to market strategy


Customer Success Processes

Scale your operations, increase cross functional collaboration and deliver a consistent experience

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CSM Practice provided detailed guidance to jumpstart a whole new approach to Customer Success within HERE.

Sanjeet Kaur Bali,  VP – Global & Technical Support & Customer Success  at HERE Technologies