Building a Customer Success Organization from the Ground Up

Customer Education

SmartMoving is a single software platform designed to help moving companies of all sizes maximize their entire business. They help their customers optimize lead generation, close more sales, create invoices, track moves, and communicate with customers in a more streamlined way. 

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with a handful of employees, SmartMoving is experiencing rapid growth and has an immediate need to set up and scale its customer success operations.

Customer Education

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“CSM Practice helped us lay the foundation for a robust customer-focused organization, including the hiring processes, technology selection, and customer processes needed to ensure long term reliable revenue.”

Tobe Thompson, Founder & CEO, SmartMoving


SmartMoving mainly caters to three customer segments: small operations, mid-size companies, and franchises – each having significantly different business needs, available resources, and desired business outcomes. Without a formal onboarding, access to usage data, and an early warning system to identify risk early; their month-to-month renewals were exposed to inherent risks.

Moreover, before working with CSM Practice, the SmartMoving customer-facing team consisted of the owner and one success manager, both were stretched thin conducting and assisting sales deals, onboarding new clients while responding to technical support cases. 

In addition, the company anticipated tripling the number of customers in less than 12 months. With a sense of urgency, the CEO placed a high priority on establishing a scalable customer success operation and hired CSM Practice to help ensure they do so in alignment with best practices.


CSM Practice SmartMoving solutions

SmartMoving needed to establish a customer success function in a scalable manner quickly. The company required a well-executed onboarding phase to capture a higher profitable growth rate.  The process began by defining the customer success journey map while conducting a software assessment to scale with automation. 

To ensure customers are well-prepared for a successful onboarding experience, CSM Practice proposed and made adjustments to the sales process and tools. The onboarding process was defined and deployed to accommodate an appropriate customer experience and to deliver quick and tangible business outcomes. 

In addition, CSM Practice developed a customer health score and established a customer exit interview process to empower the team to mitigate churn risk when a contract cancellation was imminent.

CSM Practice SmartMoving solutions




By the end of the engagement, SmartMoving established a fully functioning customer success team that released the owner from post-sales activities. Today, the customer success team manages SmartMoving’s customers in an effective and scalable manner.

The process of hiring additional customer success managers is well supported by a hiring process, custom designed by CSM Practice for SmartMoving needs. The knowledge base library developed by CSM Practice accelerates knowledge transfer and ramp-up time of onboarding a new Customer Success Manager.

SmartMoving significantly accelerated the process in which it was able to build up a functioning customer success practice with the expert help of CSM Practice. What might have taken them years to do, with many costly mistakes in between, was completed in a few short months.

With a well-defined onboarding process and a more vital sales cycle, SmartMoving sees a larger number of clients completing onboarding successfully and reaching operational success twice as fast.