Pandemic Impact on SaaS Customer Success (Survey Results)

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(Week of May 10, 2020)

CSM Practice is now in its third week observing possible changes with the COVID-19’s effects on customer success management through our weekly survey. Our goal is to take the temperature of how Customer Success teams are impacted by the Coronavirus crisis. 

This week’s survey results will help you better understand the impact of the pandemic on SaaS companies and Customer Success teams, understand weekly trends, and learn from each other’s initiatives to surpass the current challenge.

We have gathered insights from our colleagues in the SaaS Customer Success community, which we believe will help us plan more effectively and make better decisions.

Last week, we amplified the survey with a focus on “Return to Work” plans and expectations.  We have found useful information on how we can prepare for the “new normal” in the workplace.


 This week, we note that the impact on COVID-19 on customer engagement is beginning to subside 

  • Week by week, there is an increase in the number of customer success managers who believe that their job is still at risk at the time the survey was taken (mid-May 2020)
  •  33% of all customer success organizations plan to hire additional team members during the pandemic period.
  •  Only 7% of the customer success teams have fully returned to work in the office at the time of the week 3 survey (Mid May 2020).
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  •  54% of the companies around the world are begging to make plans to go back to work from the office
  •    Most Customer Success teams expect to get back to working from the office between June-September 2020.
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We encourage you to view the survey results and take advantage of this valuable data which you can leverage in a useful and actionable way for your team:


We intend to continue our weekly COVID-19 CSM survey so that we can bring together valuable data that can help us to overcome this challenge in our industry. Please take a minute to take the survey every week and share the link to our weekly survey with others.


Contact us at CSM Practice if you have any questions about Customer Success in the time of coronavirus or other customer success topics.


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