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TSW Expo Las Vegas

SaaS Fest 2016 – Join the smartest SaaS professionals for talks from the trenches, 1-on-1 advice and networking

Wednesday 7th December – Friday 9th December
Boston Marriott Long Wharf, 296 State St, MA 02109
SaaS Fest is bringing the smartest members of the SaaS community together in one room for a day for a rare, focused experience. Come learn from world-class SaaS Executives, VPs and more who will share war stories, data, analysis and practical lessons learned.
You’ll also learn the three pillars of SaaS—Retention, Monetization and Acquisition.
It’s set to be an amazing event. http://www.saasfest.io/

TSW Expo Las Vegas

ATD Tech Knowledge – Focusing our daily attention on the design, delivery, management, learning and strategy of technology.

Wednesday 11th January – Friday 13th January 2017, Las Vegas, NV.

ATD TechKnowledge returns to Las Vegas in 2017! collaborate and learn from the people who are focused on the intersection of technology and training.

TSW Expo Las Vegas

Customer Success Con West – Designing the Future of Customer Success Management

Thursday 12th January, 2017, Oakland, CA.

This convention is the beginning of a conversation about the future of Customer Success Management.  The conference will provide a comprehensive view of the current state of the profession together with a provocative look at what it could become, and the opportunity to make the first connections of your own network of visionary Customer Success professionals.

To sign up for this much sought after convention, simply click here http://www.customersuccessassociation.com/customer-successscon-west-2017/

SuccessHacker Customer Success Accelerator Masterclass

JAN 18, San Francisco, CA
Nailing Customer Success is critical to a company’s growth and success. Knowing you need it and being able to deliver it are two, very different things. Need help on getting started and what to focus on first? The Customer Success Accelerator Masterclass series is designed to be the “smart cut” that you’ve been looking for.
Join SuccessHacker for this two day Masterclass and 90-day Deliberate Practice Program. You’ll learn you everything you need to know to go from zero to Success hero. Enter CSMPractice200 to get a $200 discount off your registration ticket


PulseLocalSV – The Secrets to Scaling Customer Success

Thursday 2nd February 6-8PM Redwood City, CA

Ever wondered how Box or Zuora scale their Customer Success organization?!

Take part in an interactive guided discussion on how Box and Zuora scale their customer success organization. During this discussion panel Jon Herstein,SVP Customer Success for Box and David Reiling, VP Customer Success at Zuorawill address questions such as:

  • What strategy have you implemented in segmenting your customer base?

  • Which process were easily scalable and which weren’t?

  • What automation have you successfully implemented without hurting your customer relationships?

  • At hindsight, what is the most important advise you can give a customer success team who’s embarking on scaling their customer success program?

Save your spot, space is limited!

TSW Expo Las Vegas

SaaStr Annual 2017 – 10K attendees, 3+ stages and 250+ speakers.

Tuesday 7th February – Thursday 9th February, 2017, San Fransisco, CA

You’re going to want to bring your entire management team to this one, as there are so many speakers, so many topics and stages to check out.
The sessions will be built around unique perspectives to share with lessons that are valuable for other founders or execs to hear. We at CSM Practice cannot wait for this one! If you want to join us in the new year, then just click here to sign up: https://www.saastr.com/its-time-help-us-pick-a-few-speakers-for-saastr-annual-2017/

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