Customer Journey Workshop

Map your customers lifecycle milestones and to proactive touch points!

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What does a Customer Success Journey mean for Customer Success? How does it enhance a company’s engagement with its customers? Why is it important for your company to create a proactive strategy and a playbook for your Customer Success Managers?

A successful journey starts with the definition of what success means to your customers. It is the path which leads each customer to realize value from using your solution. It includes the milestones each customer achieves and the realization of the promises your company makes in its value proposition. Your customer’s Success Journey is defined by the touch points they experience on this path. At each touch point, you and your customers work together to set clear expectations of what your software and services can accomplish for their business.

CSM Practice - Customer Journey Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Define the customer journey for your key service offerings
  • Understand milestones such as onboarding, first value, adoption and expansion
  • Define frustration and improvement opportunities for each phase
  • Identify metrics to monitor the customer health at each phase
  • Establish strategies to drive adoption

At the end of you the day you will have an initial version of your customer journey map including:

  • A list of proactive calls to action per each customer phase
  • An initial journey map covering all key milestones in your customer lifecycle
  • Ideas for engagement playbooks and metrics to help customers progress along their journey

Key benefits of this workshop include:

  • Documenting the Customer Journey
  • Deliver a repeatable methodology to apply to your team
  • Fueling customer success today with learning and process changes
  • Enabling and speeding automation with Customer success tools

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