Customer Success Analytics

Customer Success team who have visibility to view and quickly analyze their customer data are more efficient and proactive in driving results. This is enabled by developing an important data infrastructure to allow your customer success team to be proactive and scale through actionable analytics.

Our Business Intelligence experts will take data collected in various systems about your customers — from NPS scores, to which products they purchased, to whether or not those were implemented and used — into one customer 360 view. We then work with your customer success managers and develop calls to actions to be triggered based on the data collected to drive timely value-based playbooks.

Why should Customer Success teams invest in Customer Analytics

Increase your customers’ adoption, advocacy, and renewal rates by:

  • Create a custom health score
  • Create reports and dashboards for a holistic Customer360 view
  • Conduct customer cohort analysis and create sophisticated customer segmentations
  • Monitor important customer related trends
  • Identifying features that encourage usage

Discover the impact timely comprehensive data can do for your customer success team:

  • Launch a successful one-to-many data-driven (“a tech touch model”) engagement model for your small clients
  • Detect at risk clients and apply ‘Save’ playbooks in a timely manner
  • Identify opportunities for upselling and expansion
  • Find potential advocates and promote your brand more efficiently
  • Improve the accuracy of your renewal forecast
  • Optimize your onboarding process
  • Establish great relationships and better cross-functional processes with other departments

You owe it to yourself to find out what our business intelligence consultants can do to help your team scale and become more proactive.

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