Outsourcing your Customer Success Operations

From inefficient playbooks and challenges in adopting a CSM system to insufficient capacity and ineffective customer analytics – the main challenge of Customer Success teams is hard to solve by technology alone.

To help your customer success team scale, you need to leverage systems and optimize your business processes. These serve both internal operations and the customer journey experience through:

  • Customer Success strategy execution
  • Customer Success productivity and proactivity
  • Customer Success playbooks
  • Customer Success insights, actionable intelligence, and predictive analysis


By establishing a customer success operations function, customer success teams can rapidly adapt to new value-based playbooks in the most efficient manner. The successful implementation of an effective customer success operations function requires an understanding of both customer success strategies and technologies. All of which could be quickly adapted with expert staff augmentation.

How can we help

Can help you manage many of the customer success necessary activities for a faster and more effective outcome. At CSM Practice, we provide the resources you need to support your CSM operations function quickly and efficiently. The range of activities our customer success operations can support includes:

Data Processes

  • Data Adjustments and Cleanup
  • Data Collection (Manual and Automated)
  • Data Integration & Validation

Metrics & Analytics

  • Metrics Analysis and Planning
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics


  • Design of Customer Success Management Reports and Dashboards
  • Ongoing team performance
  • Management of Analyses


  • Design of Salesperson Reports and Dashboards
  • Design of Gainsight Dashboards
  • Implementation of Reporting Process
  • Maintenance and Management of Reports

Voice of the Customer

  • CSAT survey design and management
  • NPS survey design and management
  • Survey analysis management
  • Reference management

Customer Success Program and Process Implementation

  • Account Segmentation
  • Customer Success Journey Mapping
  • Process Implementation
  • Playbooks workflow and templates
  • CSM MBO Management


Why should you outsource your Customer Success Operations

Customer Success teams that want to scale their team through an effective operations function understand the relationship between technology and processes. As such, the outsourcing of Customer success operations resources is not about getting another tool but a long-term solution that offers several key benefits:

Customer Success Best Practices

Our CSM operations specialists offer expertise in implementing customer success best practices designed to help scale your team. Instead of implementing another customer success technology, consider augmenting your Customer Success operations with our specialists. Investing in Customer Success operations will reduce the inefficiency and frustration that typically results from automating less than optimal playbooks.

The expertise in leading edge customer success technologies combined with customer success expertise mitigates the challenge that comes from implementing playbooks based on guess work.


Save Time

Your Customer Success vision can be executed faster and with more significant impact when proven playbooks are implemented.


Get started quickly

While it might be tough to get that next role approved by HR, at CSM Practice we can help you get those resources off quickly added to your team and have your customer success operations function off the ground in no time.


Improve Focus

Customer Success Operations as Service specialists eliminate distractions and allow companies, leaders and customer success managers to focus on achieving their team objectives and maximizing customer value.


Reduce Costs

Customer Success Operations cuts technological and operational costs by providing both the technology and strategy experts. Customer Success teams achieve higher growth while lowering their cost of payroll.  

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