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Our latest Customer Success Executives Roundtable was led by Liz McChrystal, Ph.D., Vice President of Revenue Enablement at Accent Technologies. During the session, Liz highlighted the tremendous impact of creating and leveraging the Customer Maturity Scoring Model has had on the expansion selling as well as new business deals.

Customer Success Roundtable CSM Practice

Watch the roundtable session recording now:

Business Overview

Accent Technologies is AI-driven revenue enablement that provides marketing enablement, sales content enablement, sales AI, and sales performance management. Its focus is on capturing large enterprise clients, and its solutions have deployed across the globe with the help of 16 members of its customer success team.  

Driving Force Behind the Project

Accent Technologies aimed to empower their customer success team in providing value to their customers. With this as a primary focus, the company hired CSM Practice to create a framework and processes that would empower their CSMs to focus on value discussions with the executive stakeholders and to prove that value to customers in a systematic way. 


The process of developing the Customer Maturity Scoring Model at Accent Technologies comprised of the following steps: 

  1. Research – conducted a market competitive analysis to determine what their competitors are doing in that regard.
  2. Client Analysis – identified best in class clients, what are they doing well, etc.
  3. Construct Identification – defined the constructs of indicators of success.
  4. Outcome Identification – correlated the indicators to outcomes
  5. Test and Verification – tested the scoring model with a handful of customers. 
  6. Scoring and Results – quantified the impact on Accent.

Established Delivery Framework

The framework provided to the Customer Success team included establishing a current state, understanding gaps, and creating a joint plan to execute for the year based on collective goals. 

With this, there is a three-step playbook that supported the customer journey scoring model: 

  1. Conduct an Annual Value Plan meeting
  2. Review the maturity scoring model with the client’s leadership team
  3. Plan and execute against desired outcomes 

Pandemic Changes

Although initially developed as a customer success initiative, the sales team soon adopted the customer scoring model to help prospects understand the value and importance of revenue enablement. This sales initiative favorably provoked the engagement of high-level executive stakeholders and helped move stuck deals forward much faster in the sales pipeline.

Additionally, due to the pandemic, Accent Technologies had to rely on online annual value plans, instead of performing those on-site. Surprisingly, this increased customers opting in to this type of session while allowing the CSMs to get immediate feedback and results. To do so, the customer success team developed a playbook, which guides their clients through the online scoring model assessment.


Soon after launch, through the  Customer Success scoring model developed, Accent Technologies saw an immediate increase in expansion selling opportunities as well as a favorable impact on new business deals.

The adoption of the customer success maturity model by the sales team and the customer success team resulted in the following:

  1. Positioned Accent Technologies as a thought leader in revenue enablement 
  2. Increased CSM engagement with executive stakeholders 
  3. Improved net retention 
  4. Educated clients on possibilities and thereby increases upsell and cross-sell related revenues. 
  5. Revived ‘dormant’ new business deals and existing accounts 
  6. Created a significant competitive differentiation in the sales process and propelled high profitable growth 


How can CSM Practice Help! 

Liz McChrystal is well versed in leading account management, business process analysis, process adoption, relationship building, and client service functions. Hiring CSM Practice introduced Accent Technologies to key business efficiencies and significantly improved sales and customer success metrics.

Take your customer success strategy to the next level!  Ask CSM Practice about our strategy and process development services to learn how we can help you transform your organization.

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