10 Traits of High-Performing Customer Success Teams


🗓 February 14, 2022    In CCO

High-performing Customer Success teams have figured ways to set themselves apart from the rest. These super teams cultivate a combination of winning habits and strategies to consistently deliver high results.

According to Andreas Knoefel, inventor of the Customer Success Performance Index (CSPI), high-performing Customer Success teams achieve 28% higher net retention rate (NRR) than those trailing behind. How do they accomplish this? What do champion teams do differently from those who are trailing behind?

The 2021 Customer Success Performance Index (CSPI) research found that high-performing Customer Success teams show the following 10 traits:

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To learn more, watch this video, where Andreas Knoefel of CS Tuners joins Irit Eizips of CSM Practice, to discuss the key findings from this recent research. In this video, Andreas goes through his research findings and offers an in-depth review of what separates high-performing Customer Success teams from those who trail behind. Watch the video now!

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