Level up your Customer Success Strategy during COVID-19 Crisis

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Level up your Customer Success Strategy during COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 crisis has affected Customer Success teams all over the world, without exceptions. Dealing with the new reality required customer success leaders to step up and revise their existing customer strategies to meet the overflow of customer requests for cash flow relief, QBR meeting cancellations, as well as layoffs on both ends. 

During this crisis, we’ve been surveying customer success organizations and executive roundtables on a weekly basis, to better understand current trends, challenges, and most importantly – initiatives and strategies that favorably impacted customer success managers’ ability to stay relevant and effective during the pandemic. 

Leveraging our experience working with customer success teams during this crisis as well as our survey and research results we developed a simple infographic to offer a number of practical and easy ways you can augment your customer success strategy to better adjust to the new norm:

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Key Takeaway

Nobody knows when exactly the COVID-19 crisis will end, in the next few months, it might get better or worse. As customer success managers we have the opportunity to take this as a challenge to step up and improve our strategies towards Customer Success.

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