Customer Success Gainsight Consultant

CSM Practice provides technology and management insights and guidance to empower small, medium and public companies in developing excellent customer success methodologies by leveraging management consulting, data integration and salesforce experts.

If you’re looking to join the hottest trend in the software industry, Customer Success Management, look no further.

The Gainsight consultant role may be a part-time or a full-time position depending upon your current situation. Below are the key success factors for any Gainsight Consultant:

CSM Practice Experience

  • BS or BA required
  • Takes a high degree of ownership over their work
  • Business-Specific
  • Understanding of Customer Success, Sales Operations or subscription-base
  • Clear communicator with excellent written, verbal, and listening skills
  • Proven ability to work cross-functionally to understand business requirements and translate them to effective use of applications
  • Confidence in advocating for best practices

CSM Practice Application - Technical Skills

Application/Technical Skills
  • Recommended one (1) year of configuration and administration
  • Strong Salesforce user, administrative, configuration and reporting skills
  • Excellent critical thinking skills; is able to break down ambiguous problems into concrete, manageable components and think through optimal solutions
  • Understands object-oriented concepts and fundamentals of logic (IFs, ANDs, and ORs)

CSM Practice Helpful Background

Helpful Background
  • Previous Gainsight experience
  • Previous sales operations or a business operations role
  • Administration Experience
  • Data Integration Experience


As a Gainsight consultant, you will be engaged in a range of responsibilities related to your client’s Gainsight instance

Nice to have

  • Management Consulting Experience
  • Customer Success or Account Manager with an affinity for technology, data and process
  • Familiar with reviewing and understanding data used to build dashboards and reports
  • Project management and task organization skills
  • Excellence in providing end user support


  • Responsible for the architecture and configuration of their environment
  • Coordinate internally to help identify the sources, metrics, frequency, and granularity of their data
  • Configure and deploy Gainsight and Salesforce to internal stakeholders (including system configuration, external integrations, reports, dashboards and workflows)

Business Processes

  • Partner with cross functional departments to learn business needs and how it may impact Gainsight and Salesforce
  • Identify which processes to rollout and when
  • Support business strategy development for the services teams and manage mapping, documenting and implementing CS processes
  • Help determine the most significant contributors to overall customer health, and learn how to configure a customer health scorecard that reflects your customer data.
  • Develop a keen understanding of your organization’s sources of risk (of churn) as well as positive trends.
  • Design business rules that analyze your customer data, and trigger actions for the customer success team to proactively engage with

Maintenance and Support

  • Manage user accounts, groups and security settings in Gainsight and Salesforce
  • Make recommendations to improve efficiencies through development and adoption of best practices and standardized procedures
  • Monitor system performance, data integrity, and user activity to make recommendations on continuous improvements
  • Helps prepare the Customer Success team to roll out additional processes or functionality.
  • Provides day-to-day end user support to all levels of the organization

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