Fundamental Steps to Creating Powerful Customer Success Processes [Infographic]

By Pedro Candelas July 08, 2022    In CCO

Documenting a business process can take many forms. However, coming up with a consistent approach to process documentation brings about many benefits for CS Ops managers.

Process Documentation is an activity that details all the tasks and steps of a new or existing process. For new processes it is important to help us keep track of it, for existing processes will help you streamline current processes and you might discover some surprises when you compare them with other existing processes. 

Special thanks to Pedro Candelas, Senior Customer Success Operations Manager at Elastic for sharing this infographic to the Customer Success community. Pedro, is a former industrial engineer. Before becoming a CS OPS manager, he accumulated a decade of professional experience in documenting and optimizing business processes.

Download this  infographic to learn the main steps that you can follow to create a process document. 

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Fundamental Steps to Creating Powerful Customer Success Processes Infographic


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