“Return to Work” Best Practices amidst COVID-19

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Businesses are getting ready to return to work in the physical workplace indicates that employers and employees are embracing the “new normal”, overcoming the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic and adapting to the new culture and best practice. The return to work raised legitimate concerns among the customer success community with regards to the health and safety of employees, vendors, and clients. 

To help SaaS organizations and Customer Success teams address the return to work in a safe and calm manner, CSM Practice conducted a customer success Covid-19 related survey. The following is a compilation of best “return to work” practices amid COVID-19, shared by customer success teams and SaaS companies from across the world on our survey. Download this FREE Cheat Sheet now:

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Raquel Jumao-as

Raquel holds a Business Administration degree and is a certified Customer Success Specialist. She has worked for years in a multi-national company where she lead her team to achieve the company's goal of success in increasing sales and providing customers with good quality service, that lead to an increase in customer advocacy. These days, she works for CSM Practice, writing blogs and supporting the consulting firm’s operations in delivering a superior customer experience for our clients.