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    We help B2B companies renew, scale, and upsell existing customers to maximize lifetime revenues using a holistic approach that incorporates strategic expertise, best practices, and a deep understanding of customer success technology.
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Salesforce Renewals

Do your customers renew their contracts annually? or maybe every 3 years? how about clients have a monthly subscription?

  • You need to track when these expire
  • You need to be alerted as to when they should be renewed
  • You need to compile monthly reports to show the monthly revenues associated with each contract

Renewal Dashboard in Salesforce

CSM practice certified Salesforce consultants can help you leverage your Opportunity Products and Revenue Schedules to empower your team to track your renewals in a more efficient manner and create better visibility to your renewal forecast.

Our Salesforce specialists will work with you and your customer success team to allow you to track all of your renewals and leverage all of the Sales Cloud functionality (pipeline, stages, reporting, dashboards, etc.) for your Customer Success team.

Our services include building renewal dashboards that provide you visibility to:

  • Renewal trends
  • Churn rate
  • Lifetime value
  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Annual contract value, and more.

Manage the Contract Renewal Process In Salesforce

In order to manage the renewal process effectively in Salesforce, it is important to allow your customer success and finance team to store key terms and track the approval process. You may want to consider developing an automated trigger that will remind the renewal or customer success manager when a contract is up for renewal. Often times, more than one resource may need to be part of the renewals approval process.

CSM Practice Salesforce specialists will help your Customer Success team leverage the contract module in Salesforce, along with a cloud document management platform (we recommend SpringCM) to ensure a comprehensive Salesforce renewal workflow for your Customer Success team.

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Automated Renewal Reminders

Our Salesforce certified specialists can help your team build a 90 day alert for your customer success managers, to remind them of an upcoming renewal. Our team will help you setup the right lookup fields, workflows, email templates and if necessary, APEX code to ensure we provide your team with enough information to take action immediately.

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