Top 5 Tips for SDK Customer Success [Infographic]

 By Nir Cohen and Rachel Klapper Freedman June 28, 2022    In Value Proposition

Have you ever thought about managing Customer Success with almost zero data as to how your customers use your product? 

Imagine you have no access to log-ins, demographics, cookies, or usage metrics to understand your customers’ success. 

That’s the life of an SDK CSM. 

An SDK, or Software Development Kit, is essentially a white-label black box of code we sell to customers for them to implement (seamlessly) into their own apps, to develop astounding technologies based on our product.

Since their customers are the end-users, we do not have any access to know how the ultimate products are used.

But…have no fear! You can use this disadvantage to your advantage (and not just as Information Security superstars!). SDK CSMs work creatively, in a blue ocean of opportunity, to ensure that they provide ultimate value to customers as they build products with SDK solutions. In addition, SDK Customer Success teams provide high-touch & high-tech customer engagement.

Special thanks to Nir Cohen, Director of Customer Success, and Rachel Klapper Freedman, Customer Success Manager at for sharing this infographic to the Customer Success community!

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Top 5 Tips for SDK Customer Success Infographic


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