How to Seek the Right Customer Success Job

The job market is wide, with an ocean of opportunities where jobseekers can start building their career paths. Every day, there are different types of customer success jobs being created and posted across different platforms. Many organizations are investing in Customer Success, which leads to the demand for competent Customer Success Managers to grow. Companies are open to aspiring jobseekers who are willing to commit and accept challenges with them.

Given this vast array of opportunities and the increase in competition, many Customer Success jobseekers are thinking about their next step in building their Customer Success careers. How are they going to stand out among other applicants? Will they land the perfect Customer Success job that will hone their careers to the next level?

Customer Success has a wide range of job spectrum. There are many roles for aspiring Customer Success managers to choose from. Customer Success Management is a composite role that requires a wide range of skills. In seeking a Customer Success job, jobseekers need to know what kind of role as a Customer Success manager they would like to have to fit into their skill set. Once job seekers figure out what kind of role they would have, it will be easier for them to run through the job openings posted on different job boards.

Companies are still hiring!

Many industries are investing in building a strong team of Customer Success managers that will help the company reach its goals towards success. There are many open positions that different companies offer to aspiring Customer Success managers. The key to getting hired for these positions is to know where to look.

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How can applicants find work these days?

  • Research companies or industries that are actively hiring.

Customer Success professionals’ first step in job hunting is to research companies or organizations that are actively hiring for Customer Success job openings. Leverage all of these companies and make a shortlist of all the open positions they need to fill. Find one where your skills and talents fit best. Submit your most up-to-date resume and cover letter, keep your number active, and wait for an interview call from them. Keep your hopes up and be patient.

  • Polish your resume, cover letter, and your LinkedIn profile

It’s not as easy to put together a resume and a LinkedIn profile as you think. It’s going to take you a ton of effort and time, thinking a lot about what you need to put in and not what you can just put in. This is your first frontier in applying for a job. Employers will use this as a basis for you to be shortlisted as a candidate for a certain job opening. Let it speak on your behalf, so better polish your resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile, and make it look professional but not intimidating. Use friendly words that will persuade employers to consider you to be in a position. Since most employees work at home, assume that the position they will hire will also be homogeneous; mention in your profile that you are familiar with online tools and resources used as a medium while working at home, such as webinars and zooms. Highlight the skills that you can use to send them a message that you can work at home as effectively as you can in your office.

  • Let the employers know that you exist! Advertise your profile by taking advantage of LinkedIn or other websites where job postings can be accessed.

Let employers know that you are out there and you’re what they need. 350 million professionals are using Linkedin. Create a profile that will stand out among other job seekers. Use Linkedin to connect with employers and build your network for a higher chance of getting hired. You can see numerous job opportunities posted on LinkedIn. Different employers can view your profile, and a good profile can catch their attention. Connect with employers to widen your network, be active, comment on the post, and get engaged with people on LinkedIn so that your profile will have a higher chance of being viewed and recognized and people will start to send connect requests. This will give you a higher chance of getting the job you’re applying for.

  • Nail it during the interview process

Be watchful, and be early in your interview, either through video or personal interviews; employers hate late applicants. Ensure that once you commit to an interview, you should attend, commit, and showcase your professionalism, if something happens, and you can’t make it, call ahead of time and ask for rescheduling.

  • Do your homework and research the company’s profile.

It’s important that you should be knowledgeable about the company and what it’s all about. Dress professionally, even if it’s just a first impression online interview; that still counts. Keep it short and simple in your self-introduction. Be concise about who you are and what you want. At the end of the interview process, follow up with empathy, and show your commitment and enthusiasm to the position you are applying for.

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Customer Success Job Boards:

In seeking job opportunities, aspiring professionals make use of job boards for active job postings. Companies and recruiters use job boards to post job openings and search for resumes of applicants. It’s a search engine that displays job postings for job seekers. Job boards are a significant resource to connect job seekers and employers.

Gainsight’s Customer Success Job Boards – If you are a company that is looking for the best Customer Success professionals or an aspiring Customer Success applicant who is looking for a company or an organization to share and grow your knowledge of Customer Success. Gainsight’s Customer Success Job Boards is a great place for you to explore. You can view all the vacant positions and their roles and responsibilities for customer Success Managers, which are posted on their website. You can choose roles or positions based on the specific city you are interested in.

SuccessJOBS – is one of the leading Customer Success focused job boards created by Customer Success professionals. Job seekers can submit their resumes for a chance to land their next dream job. In SuccessJobs, employers can advertise job openings to hire top-notch customer success talent to fill in those job vacancies.

The Customer Success Association Job Boards – As a Customer Success professional looking for a job the Customer Success Association is one of the job boards you should look into. Having a large span of audience it’s a great place for you to explore. It’s one of the job boards where a group of Customer Success users posts their job advertisements. Their job board has various job categories, and its location makes it convenient for the job seekers to choose the best position that fits them the most.

ClientSuccess Customer Success Job Openings board – In ClientSuccess job boards, employers actively post job vacancies in their companies. You can find all kinds of Customer Success job vacancies across the countries posted on their job boards.

Companies That Are Still Hiring for Customer Success Roles – This job board is very relevant to all Customer Success professionals who are seeking employment during a crisis. If you are greatly affected by an economic downturn, this is the perfect place to hunt for a Customer Success position. This job resource helps Customer Success professionals to find companies that are actively hiring amidst a crisis.

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General Job Boards

LinkedIn – This is one of the most popular social media platforms that employers and professionals use worldwide. A social media platform that allows job seekers and employers to connect. Employers can advertise job vacancies, and job seekers can share resumes with employers.

Glassdoor – Another kind of general job board that pools thousands of jobs from a wide range of resources. Glassdoor emphasizes employee reviews and users.


In today’s Customer Success job market, competition is always present. The prospective applicants should be well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to face the challenge and get the job they are applying for. Thinking outside the box is necessary, exploring the possibilities and opportunities that the Internet offers for research on the resources of work that will help them to conquer their job hunting. Having a clear career goal will keep you on the path toward successfully getting the right job. 

We have done some research on the resources that can aid CSM job seekers to find the right job. Here’s a list of businesses that are actively hiring and questioning framework to bring up questions prospective CSMs should be asking their potential employer. This is a good place to start building your customer success career.

Top Customer Success Manager skills

Job Seekers Resources:

Explore the Public view on Airtable for a list of companies that are freezing hiring and those who are still hiring posted by David Chouinard the co-founder of candor.

Delve into the SuccessCoaching job board to find your next customer success job, you can find up-to-date job postings for Customer Success professionals.

Job seekers can optimize their job hunt by exploring Rooftop Slushie for the list of companies currently hiring written by Brian Lafaille. These lists of companies that are hiring are being updated live. 

For jobseekers getting into the interview stage, watch this hiring tips video from CSM Practice about the smart questions being asked by customer success managers during a job interview.

For Customer Success Managers who are just beginning to build their careers, there is a good video resource for job seekers from CSM Practice in building a long-term Customer Success career and how to get started towards that journey.

CSM Customer success managers recruiters list download

How can CSM Practice help!

Setting clear career goals is the first step in getting your customer success dream job. CSM Practice offers a Customer Success Strategy that will help you create a strong customer success career path to drive proactive results.

CSM Practice specializes in the technology and services industry, and offers a portfolio of enterprise solutions that wish to achieve successful and scalable results. 

Take it to the next level!  Ask CSM Practice about the services we provide and learn how we can help you transform your organization into success.

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Raquel holds a Business Administration degree and is a certified Customer Success Specialist. She has worked for years in a multi-national company where she lead her team to achieve the company's goal of success in increasing sales and providing customers with good quality service, that lead to an increase in customer advocacy. These days, she works for CSM Practice, writing blogs and supporting the consulting firm’s operations in delivering a superior customer experience for our clients.