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Your strategic account segment most likely holds the most potential growth in revenues, through upsells, cross-sells and referrals. As such, it is no surprise that customer success teams assign a high-touch engagement model to manage those strategic accounts.

Upsells and cross-sells opportunities within that segment are not found through sheer luck. It requires a diligent customer success manager to develop success plans, to set quantifiable goals, set playbooks and calls to action, and then monitor quantifiable metrics and demonstrate business outcomes.

Although Salesforce does not offer a Success Plan custom object, CSM Practice Salesforce developers can help create a Success Plan tool that supports customer success managers to launch a proactive engagement model, promote value and expansion.

Essential Success Plan Features

Our Success Plan Salesforce solution will help your Customer Success managers to:

  • Track revenue against the forecast for each strategic account.
  • Define the strategy for each key account
  • Track the plan’s objectives versus achieved outcomes
  • Plan strategic actions and track progress
  • Identify the potential barriers in achieving the account objectives, create and execute a readiness plan as well as specify support required from other teams.
  • Define a governance model
Success Plans
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The Solution

CSM Practice Salesforce consultants will develop a fully customized
solution to ensure your customer success team has specific custom objects in which they track their success plans for achieving greater value for each strategic client.

With our tailored Success Plan solution, your Customer Success manager can create a Success Plan for a specific quarter or a year, for each account. The Success Plan records the playbook the Customer Success manager has chosen in order to achieve additional value for the account. This is accomplished by attaching the tasks required to achieve the objectives (the playbooks) to each Success Plan.

All activities that relate to the achievement of the Success Plan are recorded under the Open Activities
and Activity History section of the Page Layout. A Value Achieved section summarizes the value key metrics or advances in maturity scoring for each account, for the duration of the Success Plan. These can then be demonstrated back to the client during Quarterly Business Reviews to show progress towards goals and demonstrate value achieved. The Success Plan also allows for the development of a graphical view of how key performance indicators and health score compares. The Customer Success team can also track the progression level of activities planned and milestones achieved towards the full execution of the Success Plan.

Link Opportunities the Success Plans

Each Renewal or Upsell Opportunity created or edited can be linked to the relevant Success Plan. The tailored solution can also provide a summary value of all the Opportunities that are linked to a Success Plan.

Salesforce Dashboards for Success Plans

Success Plan dashboard on value achieved and milestones completed can help track:

  • Expansion achieved thus far for accounts with success plans versus ones that do not.
  • Number of accounts with active Success Plans
  • Number of accounts where Success Plans are in delay
  • Activities completed versus activities open
Success Plans

Customer Success executives and managers can identify the calls to action they need to take to execute a Success Plan and provide additional value. They can also review playbook progress, collaborate on next steps to increase value, and promote additional growth. Finally, the Customer Success team can improve their strategic engagement model by measuring and tracking value-based activities on key clients.

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CSM Practice leverages several software tools such as, and Gainsight which make them a valuable partner especially in the Customer Success space.



Joseph Sangiuolo Senior Director of Customer Success Intacct

Start Tracking Success Plans in Salesforce

Success Plans are a crucial component of strategic engagement models for Customer Success Management. Without it, customer success activities are reactive at best.

CSM Practice can help you implement an approach to Success Plans can be used every day. Implementing a Success Plan solution in Salesforce allows your team to develop Success Plans in a simple, measurable manner that can be shared across the organization, and provide the transparency required to identify when escalation or collaboration with others is required.

Get in touch with CSM Practice, if you’d like help creating or deploying Success plan solution.

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