Handling Code Red Customer Situations [Infographic]

By Sean Ruane  June 17, 2022    In Churn

Every company experiences technical issues with customers, and the way technical issues are handled defines the relationship between the company and its customers. 

CSMs have to be heavily involved in assuring their customers of their continued efforts to solve the technical issues as fast as they can, as the CEO and Founder of Mind Data, Sean Ruane, explains in the video interview.

Here are the thoughts shared by Sean on how to handle customer technical Issues:

  • Code Red Situations. These are the unexpected Technical Issues that cause failures in the quality of services offered to the customer affecting customer success. 
  • Advice to Companies Facing Customer Technical Issues. The company should keep customers informed and provide insight into customer issues.
  • Handling bugs. For effective and efficient bug handling, prompt team setting and providing the right expectation is key to finding solutions to customer issues.
  • What to Do When Technical Issues Can’t Be Solved Swiftly. CSM should remain honest to affected customers by providing timely and authentic updates.
  • Developing a Resolution. Keep communicating with customers at each stage of solving Technical issues.
  • Handling Delays in Meeting Deadlines. If a solution can’t be delivered within the promised time frame, the CSM should remain transparent with the customers and ensure they’re informed throughout the solution-finding process.
  • What to Do After Solution Deployment. Debriefing the customer on the issue, providing a report on the technical issues, and showing how customer complaints have been handled.

Special thanks to Sean Ruane, founder of Mind Data for sharing this infographic to the customer success community.

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Handling Code Red Customer Situations Infographic


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