The Essential Guide to Launching your Customer Success Program

Customer Success Program

As the Customer Success practice is established, organizations and their customers must grapple with change. Customer Success teams need to quickly shift from support ticket escalations to delivering on business outcomes. Their clients need to understand the new role and align resources and expectations.

Chris Singh, Head of Global Customer Success at SAP and I joined forces for a dynamic fireside chat on the key factors in launching a Customer Success program successfully at last year’s TSW Conference in Las Vegas.

During our session, Chris drew from his professional experience at SAP and shared lessons learned in building a Customer Success program. I then shared common trends and a proven framework that you can use in building your own Customer Success program successfully.

In fact, at the end of the session, everyone received my latest eBook, “The Essential Guide to Launching your Customer Success Program“. This is my way of making sure you have the best chances of being successful with your own Customer Success endeavors.

In fact, you can download the eBook here

The Essential Guide to Launching your Customer Success Program

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Written By:

Irit Eizips

Irit is the Chief Customer Officer & CEO at CSM Practice. CSM Practice is a customer success consulting firm offering services to increase net retention, improve customer satisfaction, and grow advocacy. Irit has been pivotal in shaping Customer Success methodologies and best practices. She has been named one of the top Customer Success and CX Strategists, year after year, since 2013 and is frequently featured as a speaker at conferences and Customer Success publications. Her strategy consulting firm, CSM Practice is the first customer success strategy consulting firm in the world. The firm helps companies accelerate profitable growth through the design and implementation of customer retention and expansion selling methodologies. CSM Practice offers a unique customer-centric methodology encompassing the entire customer life-cycle including onboarding, adoption, expansion, and renewals. It is the first consulting firm in the world to be fully dedicated to Customer Success. Irit had been leading the success of her firm through the development of methodologies for customer success programs and is continuously producing thought leadership content for the Customer Success community.