About Us

CSM Practice is a customer success consulting firm offering services to increase your net retention, improve your customer satisfaction, and grow your advocacy base. We do so by providing research, advisory and strategy services for technology and service companies who wish to achieve effective and scalable results.

We offer a unique customer-centric methodology encompassing the entire customer life-cycle including onboarding, adoption, customer training, expansion, and renewals. We’ll help you build and execute a winning customer success strategy, optimize your operations, and improve your productivity with automated playbooks.

CSM Practice ExperienceExperience

Since 1997, we’ve helped companies improve their profitability and growth by optimizing their processes and successfully implementing new systems.

CSM Practice TechnologyTechnology

Our mission is to become the leading applications partner for customer success management and customer intelligence solutions. We implement Gainsight!

CSM Practice ValuesValues

We do what’s right, not what’s easy.

We listen more than we talk. We take a genuine interest in what matters.

We explore options and alternatives with our clients, without bias, to help them make the most informed decision.

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