October 15 2019 0comment

How to Increase Revenues with a Better Renewal Process

A steady stream of recurring revenue is essential for any SaaS company. It forms the basis for the company’s profitability and valuation. Since customers prefer pay-as-you-use services, most businesses now use a subscription-based model to […]

October 07 2019 0comment

Productivity Tips For Customer Success Teams – PART 2

In the first blog of this series, we discussed the importance of being proactive as a Customer Success manager (CSM). We established that productivity is the key to being proactive since it allows the CSM to dedicate more time for tasks, proactively. […]

July 24 2019 0comment

Becoming a Customer-Centric Organization

The customer-centric mindset entails making major decisions while taking customer needs and customer journeys into account. This responsibility is not limited to the CSM (Customer Success Manager) alone, a company-wide disposition to customer satisfaction is crucial to […]