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Accelerate Your Results!

The CSM Bootcamp was designed exclusively for Customer teams like yours – teams with aggressive retention and advoacy objectives who don’t have a lot of time to waste and have a lot on the line. In participating in our CSM bootcamp, you will receive unlimited access to CSM Bootcamp CEO, a handpicked team of experts. Together we will focus on achieving your customer success goals by getting a month of work done in just eight hours. It’s an amplified experience that you can only get through our unique program: CSM Bootcamp. I hope you invite us in.

Amplify every aspect of your Customer Success Program

Our CSM Bootcamp program bring you up-to-speed with best practices. During the CSM bootcamp you gain access to our Customer Success team of experts to ensure we get down to business. Sessions are experienciable and designed for interactive experience with peer to peer discussions. We make sure you gain access to our proven methodology and how it could be tailored to your unique team and business model.

  • Risk and Expansion playbooks
  • Customer Health Score
  • Customer Journey Map & Success Milestones
  • Value based playbooks and Success Plans
  • Role of Customer Success within your organization
  • Value of cross-functional collaboration
  • Milestones such as onboarding, first value, adoption, advocacy and expansion
  • Customer Success Platforms and your current operations
our experts

Accelerate your Customer Success initiatives with a month work in 8 hours.

Get a lot done in a short amount of time. A visit from CSM Practice typically results in getting 1 month of work done in 1 day. The immersive sessions accelerate everything, dramatically reducing the time it takes to diagnose a Customer Success aspect, develop a solution, and create an action plan.

We got your back.

Scheduling a CSM Bootcamp is a trouble free and painless experience. Your facilitator, will develop a personalized agenda, ensure your CSM Bootcamp objectives are accomplished, and take care of all the arrangements. Your time is valuable, and we will make sure every minute of every day is fully maximized.


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