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I want a proactive customer success team!

Transforming a customer success team from reactive to proactive is one of the main challenges many customer success professionals deal with. Wherever you look, you’ll see webinars, blogs and social media posts about customer success proactivity… but there is a problem with that…

How do you know what you should be focused on next and how big of an impact could it have on your team if you implemented changes right now? You can’t.

But fear not, because we at CSM Practice have created a brand new, interactive, full-proof guide for you. So, not only will you be able to see exactly how proactive your team is right now, but we’ll show you exactly what you have to do in order to improve your customer success team’s proactivity based on its maturity stage.

But I know what you’re thinking, ‘how do you guys know what will improve the CSM team’s proactivity?’ Well, we’re an established Customer Success consulting firm. We’ve worked with countless customer success managers and teams to improve their proactivity, give them guidance and even certify them!

We’ve got so much experience helping our clients, and we can’t wait to share our expertise with you too. Downloading this Self Assessment Questionnaire (free, no strings attached) is your first step to improving your customer success team through CSM Practice. So don’t “umm” and “ahh” about it, you won’t find another assessment this comprehensive ever again… oh and, if you download it this week, we’ll throw in some added extras.

That’s right! If you download this assessment right now you will review your customer journey and provide recommendations based on best practices in a one-hour coaching session, free!

So fill in your name and email, and start improving your Customer Success team TODAY!


CSM Practice is a boutique consulting firm, providing high quality, bespoke and experienced Customer Success management consulting services. We have strict core values of integrity, trustworthiness and being people-focused.  

With our team of highly dedicated and experienced Customer Success consultants we help customer success executives, managers and team members reach their goals and grow with their businesses. We do this by helping people like you define strategy, processes and systems as well as develop customer journey playbooks to help mitigate churn and drive upsell.  

If CSM Practice sounds right for you then please get in touch and download our brand new CSM team proactivity assessment – we’d love to help you reach your Customer Success goals.

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"CSM Practice proposal to help us take Customer Success to the next level was compelling and spot on regarding the issues we needed to address, They were quick to diagnose and propose a clear course of action. It was exactly what we needed, so it was easy to start working with them right away. ”

Dan Schoenbaun CEO at Redbooth

"As a result of working with CSM Practice we now have a solid foundation for our customer for life program that we can utilize to continue building out new assets and processes.Our customer success team is significantly more pro-active with our customers."

Kathleen Lord VP Sales & Customer Success