Kathleen Lord
VP Sales & Customer Success

As a result of working with Irit we now have a solid foundation for our customer for life program that we can utilize to continue building out new assets and processes. Our customer success team is significantly more pro-active with our customers.

Mike Schmidt
VP Sales at Gainsight

Irit's diverse and deep experience across business process technology, operations, sales, customer success and services made her extremely valuable to work with.

She has unique ability to see the whole picture.

Deborah Doneen
VP Strategic Business Tools

CSM Practice came highly recommended by our Customer Success Manager at Gainsight.
Very quickly, Irit helped us derive more value from our Gainsight solution and align our cross-functional initiatives around customer success, marketing campaigns and advocacy activities.

Dan Schoenbaun

CSM Practice proposal to help us take Customer Success to the next level was compelling and spot on the issues we needed to address. Irit was quick to diagnose and propose a clear course of action... It was exactly what we needed, so it was easy to start working with her right away.

Mike Marchetti
Sr Director of Business Operations and Systems, Clearslide

Thanks to the CSM Practice expertise we were able to successfully realign our customer success strategy and implemented Gainsight in a way that delivered significant value around customer insight. This has directly improved how we manage our customer base. I'd highly recommend Irit and the team at CSM Practice to any Gainsight customer.

Andrew Kane
Andrew Kane, VP of Customer Success

The CSM Bootcamp was very valuable for us in reviewing our current customer journey and playbooks. The group discussions were great! Everyone learned something new and it gave us a chance to see different approaches to similar customer success situations.

Ines Espana
Ines Espana, VP Customer Success

“What I love about Irit is that she brings enormous expertise while being very sharp at assessing the temperature of the business, to be able to set the right expectations and priorities. She is thorough and very detailed, and understands how to build an effective plan in incremental steps.”

Arvind Stokes
Arvind Stokes, Vice President of Operations

"I approached CSM Practice because I was looking to enhance our Customer Success strategies and programs at ZeroCater. They helped our team build confidence in implementing ideas and processes to support scalability and structure.

One thing I liked was their refreshing and practical perspective. I would recommend CSM Practice to customer success professionals who wish to learn about best practices in a manner that is attainable and relevant to your specific organization, growth stage, and business model. CSM Practice brings an experience that is motivational, interactive, well organized, and curated to our needs and objectives."