Disha Gosalia
VP of Customer Success at New Relic

There were no challenges we put in front of CSM Practice that they hadn’t seen before. They asked questions we hadn’t even thought of yet which challenged our assumptions.

Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt
VP Sales at Gainsight

Irit’s diverse and deep experience across business process technology, operations, sales, customer success and services made her extremely valuable to work with.

She has unique ability to see the whole picture.

Deborah Doneen
Deborah Doneen
VP Strategic Business Tools

CSM Practice came highly recommended by our Customer Success Manager at Gainsight.
Very quickly, Irit helped us derive more value from our Gainsight solution and align our cross-functional initiatives around customer success, marketing campaigns and advocacy activities.

Dan Schoenbaun
Dan Schoenbaun

CSM Practice proposal to help us take Customer Success to the next level was compelling and spot on the issues we needed to address. Irit was quick to diagnose and propose a clear course of action… It was exactly what we needed, so it was easy to start working with her right away.

Will Rahim, SVP global customer success, at Delphix
Will Rahim
SVP Global Customer Success at Delphix

We look at CSM Practice as a strategy partner that helps us through our journey to maturity. They spent a lot of time researching our business needs and came up with a tailored plan.

CSM Practice was the unbiased third party we needed to get a frank assessment of what we did well and where there were gaps in our strategy.

The level of attention to detail provided by CSM Practice was astounding! It is not easy to capture everything following multi-hour sessions, and CSM Practice was able to take the challenges we face as an organization and come up with solutions in a clear, concise, and actionable format.

We look at CSM Practice as a strategic partner and a trusted advisor that’s going to help us throughout our customer success journey and getting to full maturity. CSM practice spent a lot of time and an effort researching into our business, what our needs, requirements, pain points and ultimately our desired outcomes were. And so then, they tailored and personalized the plan right to make sure that it met our needs and requirements.