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Customer Success Executives Coaching

Ready to Accelerate Results?

The CSM Bootcamp will dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose a Customer Success aspect, develop a solution, and create an action plan.

The immersive sessions accelerate everything, from assessing your ‘low touch’ strategy to designing value playbooks.

Each CSM Bootcamp is tailored to your specific Customer Success needs and typically results in getting 1 month of work done in 1 day.

Your products have upgrades, shouldn’t your Customer Success Program?

Call us today to find out how our CSM Bootcamp can take your Customer Success program to the next level.

Customer Success Strategy Coaching

Our CSM Bootcamp program brings you up-to-speed with best practices. Our senior consultants will provide coaching to develop and ingrain these best practices for your unique team and business model.

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  • Risk and Expansion playbooks
  • Customer Health Score
  • Customer Journey Map & Success Milestones
  • Value based playbooks and success plans
  • Role of Customer Success within your organization
  • Value of cross-functional communication with Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Product team members\
  • Milestones such as onboarding, first value, adoption, advocacy and expansion
  • Customer Success Platforms and your current operations

CSM Practice LightbulbAt the end of the Bootcamp, you will have developed a set of deliverables that will enhance your Customer Success program:

  • Clear metrics to monitor the customer health at each phase
  • Lists of proactive calls to action for each customer phase
  • Engagement playbooks workflows and documentations
  • Metrics to help customers progress along their journey

Key To Success 64x64 1Key benefits of the CSM Bootcamp include:

  • Establish and implement strategies that drive adoption of your product and services
  • Develop a repeatable methodology that you can scale as your CSM team grows
  • Enable automation with Customer success tools to scale your team

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Working with CSM Practice has done wonders for the confidence of our Customer Success Managers.
We find ourselves stepping out of the world of reactive tasks and becoming much more pro-active in our role. CSM Practice has helped us apply structure to what we do in the organisation on a day to day basis

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Naomi Baily, Head of Customer Success of Social Talent

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CSM Practice has been instrumental in getting our CS Department off the ground. We would not be where we are today without them. Working with CSM Practice will be the best investment you can make for your Customer Success Team!

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Dani Lakeberg, VP of Customer Success | Orchestra Software

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