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Get the most from your Customer Success Technology.

Every engagement is tailored to achieve quick wins and a well thought-out long-term strategy. Our work ranges from developing a simple set of calls to action to developing and implementing comprehensive customer nurturing strategies.



Do you really need a more robust Customer Success Technology?

With the level of investment that your organization is going to make on the procurement of a customer success technology, it is critical to take all steps necessary to ensure that you spend your scarce resources wisely. Take this assessment today to take the first step in validating your need for a customer success technology.

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Customer Success is more technology-driven than ever.

Shouldn't your team be the same?

You’ve made the decision to invest in a customer success platform. You finished your initial implementation, and you only see a small return on your investment. The organization has yet to adopt it fully. The impact on churn, adoption and upsell activities could be much bigger.

We help B2B companies leverage their customer success platform in reducing churn, drive upsells, and increase sales through secondary revenue and referrals. We do this by defining a clear strategic plan that resolves short term pains as well as long term gains.


Scale and Automation

From automated calls to action, to playbooks, to email templates and customer outreach automation, our team can help you establish standard processes that ensures everyone on your team is aware of best practices. Creating a vault of playbooks and email templates allows you to ensure a consistent quality customer experience. Our team will help you identify opportunities to automate your processes and support your ability to scale. Automation could include customer email campaigns, surveys, lifecycle playbook reminders, red code alerts, etc.

Increase Usage and Feature Adoption

Whether you have access to usage data or not, it’s important to ensure onboarding is on track, that key features are being adopted, and that your customer success team develops a ‘land and expand’ plan for each strategic account. Our team will design and configure your customer success platform to allow you to see the depth and breadth of adoption and flag early warnings for churn risk.

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Lower Churn

If your business loses about 2% to 3% of your customers to churn each month, your company must grow by at least 27% to 43% annually to maintain the same revenue, according to Tomasz Tunguz. We drive churn down by investigating the true reasons for churn and then implementing technology and processes to mitigate churn risks. We offer three methods in analyzing churn reasons: data analysis, predictive analytics and client churn/renew interviews. We deploy calls to action automation and guide you in defining ‘SAVE’ playbooks based on our expertise and best practices. These steps will help you lower your churn, deliver a more accurate renewal forecast and drive a value-driven engagement model.

Drive Revenue Growth

Being proactively engaged with your clients, allows your customer success managers to find opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell. We help your team maximize lifetime revenue by defining and implementing value-based playbooks, email outreach and surveys. We also configure your customer success platform to find usage and engagement patterns that suggest a high probability that the client is opened to invest more in your solution. A 2012 study from the University of Michigan found that membership in an online customer community increased customers’ expenditures by 19%. We leverage your customer success technology to help your customer success team identify these accounts and define effective ‘GROWTH’ playbooks.

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Full customer visibility

If your customer data can be found in many different systems, your team is either spending way too much time in searching for it, don’t have visibility to all of it, or are frustrated by it. We can help. We have the business intelligence experience and expertise to define the right data architecture, data mapping, data cleanup, data load automation, and dashboard development to empower your team with a detailed and relevant full customer 360 view.

By centralizing the customer data, we help customer success team quickly identify whether their clients are healthy or have issues, whether they are fully using your solution or need coaching on how to get more value, whether their subscription is about to expire or they are ready for expansion. With a customer 360 view, your customer success managers are better prepared before calling a customer, asking for renewal, or conducing a quarterly business review (aka a Customer Value Review, or an Executive Business Review).

Busting Bandwidth Challenges

You want you and your customer success team to be engaging in driving value for your customers. Not implementing and configuring a technology. Customer Success teams that work with CSM Practice are 89% more likely to succeed than those that choose to self-implement or work with vendor led professional services. We exist because customer success automation requires someone who considers all aspects of your customer success program. Automation of a bad playbook only amplifies bad results – we work with you to build a value-driven engagement model that yields proven success.



CSM Practice leverages several software tools such as Salesforce.com, and Gainsight which make them a valuable partner especially in the Customer Success space.



Joseph Sangiuolo Senior Director of Customer Success Intacct


CSM Practice came highly recommended by our Customer Success Manager at Gainsight.
Very quickly, Irit helped us derive more value from our Gainsight solution and align our cross-functional initiatives around customer success, marketing campaigns and advocacy activities.



Deborah Doneen VP Strategic Business Tools Blackline



Irit’s diverse and deep experience across business process, technology, operations, sales, customer success and services made her extremely valuable to work with. She has a unique ability to see the whole picture.


Mike Schmidt VP Sales Gainsight


Thanks to the CSM Practice expertise we successfully realigned our customer success strategy and implement Gainsight in a way that delivered significant value around customer insight. This has directly improved how we manage our customer base. I’d highly recommend Irit and the team at CSM Practice to any Gainsight customer.



Mike Marchetti Sr Director of Business Operations & Systems Clearslide

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