Gainsight AdminPro™

Get more value from Gainsight on an ongoing basis.


Remarkable Values

Without in-depth knowledge, the ongoing maintenance of the Gainsight application could be difficult and time-consuming. This increases costs and complexity, adds latency, reduces visibility into the business and its processes, and makes the on-going maintenance of the Gainsight system, a daunting task. Therefore, this learning provides remarkable values which every customer success manager can bring throughout the journey.

Consequential Benefits

Our Gainsight Maintenance Services provide access to an expert team that can help you realize and sustain the full value of your Gainsight solution. Co-sourcing allows your in-house Customer Success team to work closely with the outsourced Gainsight Administrator. The benefits you’ll leverage through co-sourcing your Gainsight maintenance include reduced Gainsight administration costs; more focus on your customers, team, and their success; help of qualified professionals; improved efficiency; timely data uploads; reduced system risks and more!

Gainsight Maintenance Journey

CSM Practice brings depth and width of expertise when it comes to Gainsight (and the Force.com platform). Our Gainsight Maintenance Services range from application maintenance and upkeep to implementation of advanced features, to user configurations or the development of custom data load scripts (ETL). Our Gainsight Maintenance Services can be short-term or ongoing and are typically delivered remotely at a fixed term and rate.

When you hire us to take care of the maintenance of your Gainsight administration tasks, you can have peace of mind and be sure that we will take care of your Gainsight “To Do” lists on an ongoing basis.


Short Term Managed Services

This option provides limited-term Gainsight services for projects with a set time length and defined scope, whether it’s a health check, module configuration, a single external source data upload, or making one-off administrative-level changes to your Gainsight system.

Ongoing Managed Services

This option provides continuing alignment with your Customer Success strategy and operations leveraging your investment in Gainsight including delivery and updates to augment and upkeep your existing Gainsight platform at a monthly retainer.

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