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Gainsight provides the automation bedrock for your Customer Success Management team, therefore, getting its deployment right is critical. Whether you are replacing homegrown solutions or replacing your Excel spreadsheets to manage your customers – you should strongly consider hiring an outside firm to help with the installation. CSM Practice offers assistance in this regard and we can help your company get the job done.

Choosing CSM Practice as your implementation partner can spell the difference between a smooth deployment and one that chokes up your internal resources. When you’re understaffed or simply lack in-house domain expertise, staffing your implementation project with CSM Practice consultants will make a huge difference.

Your Gainsight ImplementationYour Gainsight implementation
project is more than just a technical exercise. An implementation will most likely also call for a retooling of your Business Processes — it doesn’t make sense to layer automation on top of cumbersome operations. Our consultants will be able to discuss the technical subtleties of Gainsight, but their expertise don’t end there. Process Optimization — and specifically the Business Processes of Customer Success Management — is critical. Our consultants will help you redesign your business processes to get the most out of your Gainsight investment.
Breadth of ServicesThe whole point of hiring a consultant is to supplement skills you lack or have in short supply. The typical project will call for business requirement sessions, implementation planning, Gainsight configuration, testing and training. CSM Practice consultants cover all those bases.
ExperienceOur firm was established by one of the early Gainsight employees. Since our inception in 2014, we have successfully implemented Gainsight at both public and private companies.

On-Going Maintenance

The Gainsight job doesn’t disappear when you switch the software on. You will probably want ongoing support to take care of the day-to-day Gainsight administration responsibilities. Our Gainsight managed services is will help you improve your Customer Success operations and cut expenses.

Change Management

Many enterprise software projects fail in the post-installation phase. Inadequately trained employees may not use the software properly. Users who were not consulted during implementation lack a sense of buy-in and may reject the new software. Our consultants can help you overcome such hurdles. The CSM Practice firm has change management expertise that helps your company address the cultural issues that might otherwise impede your Gainsight software rollout.

Phased Roll-OutPhased Roll-Out

In contrast to Big Bang, there’s the phased approach in which the Gainsight system rolls out in stages. An implementation might begin with the module most important to your customer success team and continue on in a step-wise progression from there. The phased method provides the benefit of ironing out issues with the first module before moving on to additional software components. Users are cutover gradually as well, so phased rollouts typically involve less organizational disruption. The approach involves less risk, but requires a greater investment in total deployment time.

Rapid ImplementationRapid Implementation

A phased approach takes longer in total deployment time, but, paradoxically, a customer success team may be able to install one Gainsight module faster than a big bang can complete an end-to-end Gainsight deployment. That’s the thinking behind rapid implementation. This methodology separates a project into a series of stages, each of which “produces major deliverables.” So, a customer success team can benefit from some Gainsight functionality, while the full Gainsight rollout continues.

CSM Practice AgileAgile

The Big Bang method provides less room for feedback. Agile, as a Gainsight implementation methodology, offers many opportunities to check whether the software is meeting business and user requirements. Our consultants will get early feedback if, for example, your customer success managers find the system confusing and difficult to use. This approach reduces the risk of user rejection, an important contributor to a software implementation failure.

Gainsight Implementation Services

Thanks to the CSM Practice expertise we were able to successfully realign our customer success strategy and implement Gainsight in a way that delivered significant value around customer insight. This has directly improved how we manage our customer base. I’d highly recommend Irit and the team at CSM Practice to any Gainsight customer.

Mike Marchetti, Sr Director of Business Operations & Systems


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