How to Write a Great Onboarding Kick Off Invitation Email [Infographic]

February 14, 2022    In Customer Journey

The kickoff email sets the tone for the kickoff meeting itself, impacting a variety of factors. From client attitudes to overall attendance, kickoff emails have the power to shape the meeting in its entirety. The way in which we go about writing any email to our clients is undoubtedly crucial. When it comes to kickoff emails, however, it is essential to get it right. 

The Importance of Kickoff Email

Many may underestimate the importance of a flawless kickoff email. After all, most people assume that it simply serves as an invitation to the main event itself. In reality, a kickoff email is much more than that. As we all know, communication is key. This rule certainly applies when informing clients about events in general, in this case, kickoff meetings. 

When considering what to include in a kickoff email, it is important to consider the significance of the message and what it means for the project. Usually, a kickoff email is one of the very first messages you send out about a project or initiative. Beyond relaying crucial information, this email completely sets the tone not just for the kickoff meeting, but for the rest of the project as a whole. 

A successful kickoff email can be the first step to a successful kickoff meeting. As a result, a more effective onboarding experience. It is therefore critical to pay close attention to all the information you include in this email. The structure and language of your kickoff meeting email will require you to make a variety of choices. Poorly written kickoff meeting emails may lead to some negative challenges, such as decreased attendance at the kickoff meeting. This may be due to low client morale or ineffective communication. 

 In this infographic, you will find tips covering content that you should and should not include in your kickoff email. In addition, you’ll learn ways to go about communicating your main points that are both efficient and appealing to clients. 

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Onboarding Kickoff Invitation Email Tips Infographic

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