Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Communities is the one of the most powerful one-to-many solution platform Salesforce has to offer Customer Success teams who wish to scale. Salesforce Communities offer a collaboration platform between customers, partners, and the customer success team. The solution offers the ability to create fully customized public (or private) communities allowing members to connect directly with one another, relevant content, data, and business processes.

First and foremost, the main value of adding a Salesforce Community as part of your Customer Success strategy is to provide your customers and partners access to all the things that Salesforce provides. Having a community connected to Renewal opportunities, Support cases, and everything your customers or partners do in your CRM is key to making Community Cloud valuable.

Connecting your customers on a unified platform introduces scalability to your customer success efforts. Our CSM Practice Salesforce certified specialists make your Salesforce Communities properly branded, mobile, scalable, and intelligent.

Salesforce Communities
Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Community for Customer Success

Community Cloud has evolved over the years. There are now over 90 million members on Salesforce Communities. While there are many use-cases in implementing Community Cloud in organizations, two use cases stand out as relevant for Customer Success teams:

Customer Communities

For many customer success teams, customer communities have become valuable. The community enhances the user experience, the organization who builds it, and even potential buyers. Giving customers an open platform while deflecting low-value support tickets. Thereby, customer communities help elevate the quality and efficiency of customer conversations and accelerate user engagement.

Partner Communities

Many organizations sell and serve their customers through partners. A Partner Community is quickly becoming the preferred way to improve the business to business experience. For partners, Communities serve as a knowledgebase portal. The community helps partners get the resources they need, stay on point, and ultimately, leads to increased retention and reduction in churn.

How can we help

CSM Practice can help your team develop a community that drives:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Brand advocacy, and
  • Customer intelligence

Our certified Salesforce developers knowledge of Customer Success coupled with their years of experience in working with the Salesforce platform allows CSM Practice to be your strong partner in developing a powerful Customer Community for your Customer Success team.

A great Salesforce Community is worthless without good data and a sensible business process around it. Partner with CSM Practice to ensure continued care through content and member engagement.

Salesforce Communities

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