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Organizations are made up of various divisions and industries that work hand in hand to accomplish one objective. Different beats of the heart still maintain a harmonious rhythm. No organization succeeds in having departments work independently from one another. There’s what we call a method, a loop called processes where everything is connected and can’t operate if it’s one.

No organization succeeds in having departments work independently from one another. There’s what we call a method, a loop called processes where everything is connected and can’t operate if it’s one.

There are different internal teams in the organization that work hard to achieve a common goal towards Customer Success, namely Marketing and CX. These teams with different responsibilities but with one mission for the company, to increase renewals, minimize churns, and increase sales and revenue. But when these two teams work together, they deliver high-quality results and generate countless opportunities for the company and its customers to thrive.

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Why do the two teams need to work together?

Marketing and CX share a symbiotic relationship, an interdependent relationship that produces a beneficial result for the company. The team’s goal is to enhance customer experience and accelerate time value and align customer expectations and accountability with the brand and the company.

How is this collaboration going to come together?

The two teams are connected, one can’t successfully function without the other. In this blog, let us look deeper into the relationship between the two departments. How do they relate and work together to achieve their common goal of Customer Success? What are the differences and similarities between the two functions?

The Role of Marketing

Marketing plays an important role in the company. They look for potential clients and bring in those clients to purchase the brand and join the company. Marketing promotes the brand using different kinds of platforms to generate brand awareness and attract potential clients. They provide the opportunity to unlock the potential to join a portfolio of brands that are changing the rules on how companies can achieve long-term success and mass-market adoption.


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The marketing base is the company presentation or information clients gather from the data obtained by the customer’s buying experience. Marketing can persuade and nurture consumers who are on a positive path to purchase an experience. They are those who choose to continue to use the product. There are customers with the potential to have a long-term relationship with the company.

Marketing relies largely on the understanding of the client because new customers trust current customers for guidance. Before they participate in the purchasing of the product, they will most likely take a look at the current customer experience with the said product. 

The Role of CX 

The experience of customers towards the brand and services can boost or slow down the company’s revenue. This is where  CX teams come in, it’s part of their responsibility to mitigate the factors that may have a negative impact on customer experience.

The experience of customers towards the brand and services can boost or slow down the company’s revenue.

CX is simply future-proofing the company, they make sure that the customer journey is fruitful. it ensures that the brand promise is achieved or even better, exceeds customer expectations.

CX plays a big role in a company that composes of different internal departments and sections with different roles in achieving customer success, ensuring renewals, preventing churns, and increasing revenue. With the mentioned critical internal processes, it is CX’s role to tie these responsibilities together and create a customer-centric marketing strategy that provides organizations with opportunities to grow their market share.

CX covers both the journey and the destination of the customers. CX makes sure that anyone who touches the customers should be doing their best to provide the greatest customer experience for them.

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How would they keep in touch with the customers and make them feel that they’re always getting what they need?

  • Cultivate relationships with clients and prospects

Clients and prospects required us the most to always be there to offer protection and security. It is an opportunity for both CX and marketing to cultivate their partnership with clients and prospects, to demonstrate how customer-centric they can be.

  • Amplify the Customer’s Voice

Clients and customers sometimes experience challenges on their journey.  This creates fear of what is going to happen in the future and makes them worried about the status of their investment and the stability of the company. It is necessary to provide a pipeline for the involvement of the client team. A pipeline in which they can freely express their concerns in full detail. Through this, we can collect all their thoughts, and we can explicitly reassure our clients on how we can together face those challenges together.

  • Client Advocacy Operation

This is done internally, where the CX departments listen to Clients’ convincing stories about their experience with the company’s product or service. A great story from one customer can inspire many, and become a structured advocacy network, spotlighting the customer and company successes, and market results.


The Takeaway: 

As the saying goes, no man is an island. One cannot live on his own. To be more successful in other areas of service, we also need someone or a group of people to help us reach higher goals. All departments in the company have a critical role to play, they are in a loop where each phase is interconnected. Operating as a team generates high-quality results and a high degree of customer satisfaction. A place of work where people think and behave as one can bring greater things to the business. The stronger the team works, the stronger the company’s foundation is to take on and overcome the challenges that will arise.

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Written By:
Raquel Jumao-as

Raquel holds a Business Administration degree and is a certified Customer Success Specialist. She has worked for years in a multi-national company where she lead her team to achieve the company's goal of success in increasing sales and providing customers with good quality service, that lead to an increase in customer advocacy. These days, she works for CSM Practice, writing blogs and supporting the consulting firm’s operations in delivering a superior customer experience for our clients.


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