Four Key CSM Role Profiles you want to hire for! [Infographic]

By Guy Galon  July 08, 2022    In CCO

A Customer Success leader is in a great position to analyze and map the necessary skill sets his/her team should be proficient at. You can use this analysis to create CSM profiles applicable for your team. For each profile, you can see the relevant experience and characteristics expected from the candidates.

  •      The “Project Manager
  •      The “Data analytics
  •      The “Domain expert/Trusted Advisor
  •      The “Negotiator

 The Benefits of Creating CSM profiles

  • CS leaders can better define the roles and skills needed in their team (a good exercise to conduct as part of the team structure planning). 
  • Expanding the search and recruitment of CSMs matching one or more profiles thus creating more hiring options 
  • CS Leaders identify the domains of knowledge and expertise that their team should improve and plan to close the professional gaps. 
  • In the mid-to-longer term, the framework supports skills diversity across the team and reduces the “single point of failure” scenario. 
  • Align recruitment, onboarding, training, and mentoring efforts in the team

If you are in the process of building your customer success team, this infographic will provide you with tips on how to improve your current CSM hiring process. 

Special thanks to  Guy Galon, VP of Customer Success at Hysolate for sharing this infographic to the Customer Success community.

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Infographic: CSM Role Profiles you should hire for!


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