Customer Success vs. Customer Experience [Infographic]

June 17, 2022    In CCO

Customer Experience is the sensory, cognitive, affective, and behavioral client feeling towards the treatment receiver through all stages of service from pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase. Customer Success, on the other hand, is a strategy by sellers aiming to help clients achieve their projected outcomes from purchasing the service or product purchased and is a relationship-focused strategy.

For Customer Success, there is more concern on the practices that may improve the proactivity and value of interactions with our customers. In contrast, Customer Experience is mainly concerned with customer satisfaction by providing the best services.

Customers feeling the importance of interacting with the seller is facilitated by Customer experience where they may learn new and exciting things from sellers. In Customer Success, the customer needs to feel the value of interacting with the service provider by noticing business improvements and the further success resulting from the service they sort.

Customer Experience is mainly centered on how customers feel and perceive their satisfaction with the service or product they purchase. In contrast, Customer Success is based on value addition or gain as observed from the business interaction and also on the noticed change or efficiency in their businesses.

The objective of Customer Success is mainly to help the customer achieve their goals in a certain field. On the other hand, Customer experience enhances individual touchpoints through the customer’s journey.

Incorporating both Customer Success and Customer Experience together helps an organization retain the customers and keep them happy and satisfied with the services received. A customer experiencing both CS and CX in the same organization will tend to stick to the organization’s services, since they achieve their goals and feel satisfied and happy with the process of achieving them

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Customer Success vs. Customer Experience Infographic


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